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Anthrax Trapped in Frozen Deer Has Infected 70 People, Killed 1 Boy

Siberian Times

Believe it or not, anthrax is now being spread across Siberia by dead wildlife.

A recent heatwave attributed to climate change has began thawing ice and melting snow in northern Siberia. As the ice and snow began to melt it slowly unearthed many deer carcases that had been infected with anthrax.

This bacterial infection had killed the deer nearly 75 years ago and the frozen conditions had caused the bacteria to lie dormant until warmer temperatures arrived this year.

ABC reported that this recent outbreak is responsible for killing 2,300 reindeer since it was resurrected. Unfortunately dead deer are the least of the peoples worries. 90 men and women have been infected and a 12 year old boy has recently lost his life!

The rumor that anthrax was somehow created in a lab post 9/11 is false. The bacteria that causes anthrax is often found naturally in soils. Animals can come in contact and be contaminated by the spores through activities like grazing or through their drinking water.

While human contact with anthrax is rare, they become susceptible if they breathe in the spores, eat contaminated food, or receive the infection through open cuts in the skin during contact with contaminated animals.

The spokeswoman for the governor told ABC  that among the people infected was a family that “ate reindeer meat raw and drank the blood,” which is a popular nomadic custom.

ABC reported that an estimated 16,500 locals in the region continue to live a traditional, nomadic lifestyle that includes hunting and gathering their own food.



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Anthrax Trapped in Frozen Deer Has Infected 70 People, Killed 1 Boy