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Anthony Bourdain Catches Octopus by Hand in Hawaii [VIDEO]

Anthony Bourdain Catching Octopus By Hand in Hawaii [Video]

Watch Anthony Bourdain snorkel for octopus near the island of Molokai.

The trick to catching octopi is to coax these tasty cephalopods into the open and make a fast grab with your hand. Famed foodie Anthony Bourdain gets a hands-on lesson in Hawaii.

Molokai is called the "Friendly Island," but it can turn ugly if you mess around. The people of Molokai are highly protective of their natural resources. If you're fishing in a spot that is off limits, watch out.


On this trip, Anthony and his guide find a nice sandy place to drop anchor, and they plunge into the crystal clear water. With snorkels and spears, the two of them get down to business and snag a plump octopus.

Once the octopus is cajoled out of its hole, it all comes down to fast hands and a tight grip. The boys seem to have it worked out pretty well, and it looks like Tony will be busy in the kitchen once the day is done.

I wonder how Tony is going to prepare that delicious treat? I'm thinking some lemon is involved.


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Anthony Bourdain Catches Octopus by Hand in Hawaii [VIDEO]