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Is Antelope Really the Best Tasting Venison? [VIDEO]

Flickr / Larry Lamsa

Casey Lavere from Hush has experience with various wild game and shares his beliefs on why the antelope might just be the best tasting venison of all.

In this video, Casey Lavere from Hush reveals his secret to keep meat tasting good after you store it.

This method works with any venison you might bring home.

Not all hunters have the opportunity to harvest a pronghorn, but all hunters share the opinion that properly prepared venison tastes better than anything you can find in a store. As hunters, we know the journey of our dinner from beginning to end.

The steps we take to process and cook meat from an animal we harvest ourselves is, by far, more valuable than a plastic packaged chunk of meat with an unknown history. It also makes it more meaningful to share the meal with family and friends.

We are responsible for passing down the knowledge and tradition of hunting for our own meals and relying less on others. This video offers a great example of a hunter doing exactly that.

What do you think? Is antelope really the best tasting game meat?

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Is Antelope Really the Best Tasting Venison? [VIDEO]