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Antelope Hunting in Montana is Seriously Underrated

antelope hunting in montana

When you go antelope hunting in Montana, you are going after an animal that doesn’t get as much attention as other western big game.

MontanaWildOutdoors takes us antelope hunting in Montana in pursuit of North America’s fastest land animal.

Antelope are often overlooked in hunters’ minds, as they tend to focus more on deer and elk. An antelope hunt, however, cannot be beaten in the uniqueness department. Being able to spot and stalk a mature antelope buck will definitely get the adrenaline going, and it is often much easier to draw tags for antelope unlike its more oft-hunted cousins, the mule deer and elk.

Even out-of-state hunters have a good chance of drawing a tag, and it will not bust the bank. There is even a surplus tag draw for non-residents! For more details, check out the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks website.

I have not yet had the opportunity to hunt antelope, but the first time I saw them working across the Saskatchewan prairie, I vowed that this animal would be on the top of my hunting “to-do” list.

If you love to hunt deer or elk, consider trying out an antelope hunt and get in on this unique hunting experience at a very reasonable cost.


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Antelope Hunting in Montana is Seriously Underrated