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This Antelope Buck Charges a Cardboard Decoy

When he sees a cardboard challenger in his territory, this antelope buck charges!

After tagging out on a 71 inch antelope, this hunter decides to have a little fun with another buck. Watch the video to see what happens when an antelope buck charges.

Male antelope, like male turkeys, deer, and humans, get a little crazy when they are chasing the ladies. This video is a great example of how hunters can use this to their advantage to get bucks into bow range.

There are a number of commercially made antelope decoys on the market, but this hunter’s homemade cardboard fake seemed to do a pretty good job. Consider making one if you’ll be hunting the antelope rut this fall. It might help you score on a big speed goat of your own.

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This Antelope Buck Charges a Cardboard Decoy