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If You Antagonize Deer, You Might Get Shamed in This Way [VIDEO]

A doe gives a kid quite the surprise in this video.

We’ve long talked about the dangers of antagonizing deer. Bucks, does and fawns can kick and punch hard when provoked. They can also pants you.

Yup. Pantsing, the age old bullying tactic of shaming your enemy by pulling down their pants, extends to the animal kingdom.

The kid in this video learned that the hard way.

In the short clip below, a kid is egged by an older girl off camera to stand next to a young doe at the bottom of some back porch stairs. The doe doesn’t let him off easy when he tries to walk back up to the porch.

Only the deer knows if that was an intentional pantsing. For all I know this doe could just be a punk that likes to pick fights with kids on their back porches.

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Sometimes deer will fight on their hind legs, though, it’s not a common occurrence. When they do it’s usually during fights for dominance in the herd.

And if deer wore pants, I’m sure they’d be doing this to one another all the time.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen a deer do? 

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If You Antagonize Deer, You Might Get Shamed in This Way [VIDEO]