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Another Record Setting Fish Filleted Before Certification [PICS]

What is the deal with people filleting record-setting fish? 

In a sudden case of dejá-vu, another record setting fish was caught, weighed on a boat scale, then filleted before any certified measurements could be taken. In this case, the possible world record was a snakehead.

Dan Moon was fishing on Chicamuxen Creek off of the Potomac River, Maryland when he connected with the giant fish. After a brief battle, Moon’s snakehead measured 35 inches long and registered 18.8 pounds on his boat scale.

MD DNR Fisheries Service

According to the Maryland DNR’s Facebook page, the current world record snakehead is 17.12 pounds caught from Quantico Creek in Triangle, Virginia.

The current Maryland state record snakehead is 16.94 pounds. Given the inaccuracies of boat scales, Moon’s snakehead can’t be recognized, especially since he has since eaten the fish.

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Another Record Setting Fish Filleted Before Certification [PICS]