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This Photographer Had No Idea What Was Looming in the Trees Until He Saw This Rare White Giraffe

This Kenyan animal is second white giraffe to appear on internet this year.

Back in January we told you about Omo, a white giraffe photographed in Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park. Little did we know we’d be reporting on yet another pale giraffe just a few months later, this time in Kenya.


Unlike Omo, this new giraffe is much paler in color and completely lacks the characteristic spots of a giraffe. The shots of nearly pure white animal were taken by a photographer with the Northern Rangelands Trust named Jamie Manuel.

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“The white giraffe has been little more than a rumor for the NRT team until some time ago it was spotted from the NRT aircraft,” Manuel told the Daily Mail. “A few weeks ago I decided to see if I and the Ishaqbini Community Rangers could find the giraffe on the ground.”

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Once word got out Manuel and the rangers were looking for the rare animal, it didn’t take long for them to learn of its possible location. In spite of the animal’s very different appearance, it was with a group of 20 other giraffes that didn’t seem to mind.


“The rangers were thrilled to get a closer look, and were pleased to see that the animal looked healthy and was feeding well,” Manuel told the Daily Mail.


Much like Omo however, it appears this new giraffe is not a true albino either. Rather, it suffers from a genetic condition resulting in a lack of skin pigment called leucism.

Whatever the cause, it’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime sighting of a very rare and beautiful animal!

Images via Daily Mail.


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This Photographer Had No Idea What Was Looming in the Trees Until He Saw This Rare White Giraffe