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Another Possible State Record Buck Taken on Public Land in Mississippi

Mississippi Sportsman

Can you believe this monster buck was taken on public land?

This has been a heck of a good year for deer hunting in the south. Only days after news broke about a potential record-breaking buck in Louisiana, another giant has fallen in neighboring Mississippi.

Mississippi Sportsman reports the giant 17 pointer fell in Claiborne County’s Canemount Wildlife Management area to Jeff Clark on December 14. All the details of the hunt haven’t been released yet, but there’s no denying from the photos this is another southern giant.

Adding to the drama, he brought down the monster on the very last day of primitive weapons season in that area’s unit 3.

record buck
Facebook / Josh Clark

“I was blessed with a buck of a lifetime this morning,” Clark posted on Facebook. “I really don’t think it (has) set in how big this deer really is. My good friend Perry Ross green scored him at 205 and some change.”

Clark described said the buck was a mainframe 11 point with a bunch of stickers.  It will remain to be seen if the sticker points will mean the buck is classified as a typical or non-typical. The buck was also scored at the Canemount WMA the same day Clark took it. It scored 175 there, but it seems a certified scorer hasn’t had a chance to put a tape to the rack yet.

“Yes, I saw the 205 and the 175, and I want to see what it scores after a B&C scorer looks at it and tapes it out,” MDWFP Chief of Wildlife Chad Dacus told Mississippi Sportsman. “It’s the biggest I’ve seen on public land.”

record buck
Facebook / Josh Clark

Mississippi’s typical record currently stands at 184 6/8. Even if the buck doesn’t become a new state record, there’s definitely no denying it’s a heck of a buck for public land anywhere.

This buck is actually the second potential state record to fall in the Magnolia State this year. A bowhunter took a massive 12-pointer that is expected to edge out the archery record near the end of October.

It seems 2016 has certainly been good to Mississippi hunters this season!


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Another Possible State Record Buck Taken on Public Land in Mississippi