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Another Deer with CWD Found in Wisconsin

On only the second day of the rifle deer hunting season in Wisconsin, a second deer with CWD is discovered in Grant County.

A story said the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources found that an 18-month old buck, harvested November 24, 2013, was outside of the chronic wasting disease management zone.

In 2012, a CWD-positive deer was found in the same area, leading DNR officers to believe a second case was not unlikely.

A news release from the DNR quoted Don Bates, CWD operations supervisor:

This is why we have focused surveillance around the fringes of the CWD management zone, to better understand the distribution of the disease and identify the presence of the disease in periphery areas. Based on the 2012 positive deer, and what is known about the disease and how it spreads, finding another CWD-positive outside the current zone boundary was not unexpected.

Samples for testing are voluntary, and the DNR has worked with local businesses to gather samples. Bates went on to say:

We thank all hunters who brought in deer for voluntary CWD testing during the nine-day gun season and the businesses that helped us collect samples,” Bates said. “This cooperation is essential to achieving our goal of detecting trends in prevalence and distribution of the disease.

The second case of the year will not change hunting dates or the current CWD management zone boundary.

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Another Deer with CWD Found in Wisconsin