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Another Case of CWD in Wisconsin Northwoods

Deer Hunt Wisconsin

Unfortunately, a pattern of CWD in Wisconsin is starting to emerge. 

Chronic wasting disease (CWD) is one of the biggest threats facing our wild populations of deer, moose, and elk that we face in the United States. Thousands of deer can be wiped out very efficiently by this disease in very little time. That’s why when stories of CWD in Wisconsin start to circulate, people take notice.

In this case, it’s not just a story. A second confirmed case has been found in Oneida county at Three Lakes Trophy Ranch LLC, located in Three Lakes. In this specific incident, it was a five year old buck. Back in November at the same ranch, a three year old buck also was confirmed with the same disease which quickly prompted a baiting and feeding ban in the surrounding counties.

As of now, the officials in the state of Wisconsin do not plan to euthanize the deer at Three Lakes Trophy Ranch. The only cases have been found confined inside the high-fence operation fences, and all deer are tested for CWD as they are harvested. The issue lies with other wild animal that may come in contact with the outer fences, thus spreading the disease.

According to last known records from December, Three Forks Trophy Ranch reported that they maintained 425 deer on 570 acres.

Hopefully, a potentially disastrous outbreak remains full contained.


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Another Case of CWD in Wisconsin Northwoods