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Annual Event Looks to Get Americans Outside

Flickr/Woodley Wonder Works

This Saturday, the federal government has a fair and simple request: Go outside.

National Get Outdoors Day, on June 13, is an annual event meant to encourage more citizens to get out of the house. Get Outdoors Day, or "GO Day," tackles this goal by encouraging national and local organizations to promote outdoor recreation.

In that spirit, several parks and other outdoor areas plan to hold events this Saturday. On GO Day's official website, they've listed 205 locations around the country that are providing free recreational and educational opportunities, aimed at attracting youth and first-time visitors to the outdoors. The events are expected to bring in more than a million participants to camp, kayak, rock climb, and more.

Getting outside can lead to a number of health, environmental, and economic benefits. However, fewer and fewer people tend to flock to parks these days, worrying experts that future generations will be less fit and less in tune with the environment. With events like GO Day, there is hope that they can reverse the trend and spark a love for the outdoors in not just individuals, but society as a whole.

Even if an official GO Day event isn't in your area, event organizers encourage you to still get involved by taking a trip outdoors and inviting a friend or family member. After all, the great outdoors is only as far away as your front door.

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Annual Event Looks to Get Americans Outside