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What Annoys You About Concealed Carry?

Concealed carry should be comforting, not comfortable.

Committing to carrying a concealed handgun day in and day out is a huge decision for most people. It's really a complete lifestyle change. You have to do things differently than before you made the decision. You have a gun with you all the time. You have to watch what you do, how you sit, and how you dress. You have to pay attention to signs, where you are, who's around.

There is a lot you have to be aware and leery of. You are on constant guard, ever vigilant.

And it can all be very annoying.

What Annoys You?

Yes I said it. Don't get me wrong. Making that decision is the best decision that a person can make. You are committing to protecting your family with whatever is necessary. You are committing to come home every night to your loved ones. Yet everything about carrying a gun is annoying. Watching when you walk through crowds of people, making sure you don't bump into things with a loud thump. Chaffing, rubbing and getting poked in places you shouldn't be poked.

I was curious to see what people found to be annoying about carrying a gun, so I took to Facebook and Twitter and asked my fellow firearms friends who carried every day what they found annoying about carrying a gun. I was surprised at the answers I got.

"Signs that say I can't carry."

"Sitting down for long periods of time."

"Finding the right balance of belt tightness to security of the firearm. Too tight and it's uncomfortable/annoying, not tight enough and your pants are falling down and you're constantly adjusting"

"Awkward hugs and interstate travel"

 "I have to get bigger waist size pants to carry in the waistband"

"I've been CCWing regularly since 2004, at this point I'm so used to it that it never crosses my mind"

So, yes. Carrying a gun everyday can be annoying. For some people, that annoyance can get to the point to where they don't want to carry anymore. It's just a hassle to remember to put the gun on or even grab the gun that day. It's just easier to walk out the door without it.

The Problem and Solution

Being annoyed by having the gun there is actually a huge distraction. You are more worried about what the gun is doing then paying attention to the world around you. If you are more worried about Aunt Sally accidently bumping into your hip with a side hug than just having the gun on you, you may not be paying attention to the rest of the world.

PSA Defense

As the saying goes, concealed carry should be comforting, not comfortable. Yes, it is going to be a little annoying to have a gun on your hip all the time, but don't let that annoyance get the best of you.

So, the big question is; what annoys you about concealed carry? If anything?

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What Annoys You About Concealed Carry?