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Annie Oakley Has Nothing on This Shot [VIDEO]

Longest backward card split yet. Eat your heart out, Annie Oakley!

Trick shot and sharpshooter Annie Oakley had a trick she became famous for. She would take a mirror and her lever action .30 caliber rifle and turn around. She would hold the mirror up and placing the rifle over her shoulder, she would split a card in half. She started performing around the age of 15 circa 1875, so this was a huge accomplishment for her personally and women everywhere at the time. In fact, her and her husband met at a shooting competition that she beat him at. They married and started touring and performing together.

Not wanting to be outdone, our contemporary Annie Oakley wanted to take a crack at this one. Kirsten Joy Weiss wanted to take this shot, but she decided to make some changes.

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Annie Oakley, eat your heart out. This young woman has you beat by, well, quite a few feet.

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Annie Oakley Has Nothing on This Shot [VIDEO]