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Ann Arbor Wants to Hire Sharpshooters to Control Deer Population

One of Michigan’s largest cities is considering hiring professional sharpshooters to control the rising deer population.

Ann Arbor, home of the University of Michigan, is in the process of considering a plan to hire professional sharpshooters to control the city’s deer population. The report from the city administration was spurred by residents complaining of damage by deer to gardens and landscaping and also deer-vehicle related incidences. If approved by the city council, sharpshooters could be scouting out Ann Arbor’s streets as soon as this upcoming winter.

Ideal culling season for hired sharpshooters occurs in January and/or February, well before fawning season begins. Cost of hiring the professional shooters is estimated to be under $40,000. The residents of Ann Arbor are divided on the issue with some arguing that the rising population is damaging the ecosystem while others argue such a cull is inhumane.

In addition to culling, other recommended methods of controlling the deer population include a ban on feeding deer and a greater push for public awareness of deer management practices. Flyovers in Ann Arbor have counted varying deer population numbers but wildlife biologist often dismiss flyovers as not completely scientifically accurate.

Whether Ann Arbor’s city council approves the culling recommendations remains to be seen.


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Ann Arbor Wants to Hire Sharpshooters to Control Deer Population