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Michigan Advocate Leader Fears for Pot Smokers in Parks During Deer Cull

ann arbor deer cull

An advocacy group speaks out against the Ann Arbor deer cull in fear for marijuana users' safety. 

Charmie Gholson is concerned about the city planning to use sharpshooters in city parks, where people also smoke pot, to shoot 100 deer during the night in Ann Arbor.

Gholson told reporters, "To me, it's a direct attack on public health and safety."

Gholson, founder of Michigan Moms United to End the War on Drugs and occasional organizer of the Hash Bash marijuana annual rally in Ann Arbor told reporters, "People smoke weed in the parks at night all year round."

She fears that college kids and other marijuana users who go to the park to smoke will be in direct danger of the hunters in charge of the cull.

"Please don't shoot anyone's kid," she said.

Chuck Warpehoski a Council Member, addressed these statements by Gholson at a recent meeting.

According to Warpehoski, the shooters are going to "go to places where people aren't. They carefully select their sites. They go to great lengths not to draw attention to themselves. In an open-carry protest, people go to great lengths often to draw attention to themselves."

The Ann Arbor deer cull details, locations, notifications, and safety measures are still being developed.

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Michigan Advocate Leader Fears for Pot Smokers in Parks During Deer Cull