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Man vs. Beast: 4 Animals That Would Lose a Hypothetical Fight [VIDEO]

Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?

Have you ever looked at an animal and wondered whether or not you could take them down with your bare hands? No weapons or armor, just straight primal, animalistic urges, and instincts at their most primitive.

No? Me either, until right now.

Let’s all leave our morals and hang-ups at the door for a second and imagine ourselves in the wild, face to face with one of these pissed off beasts, in a fight for survival. Who would win?

Here’s a list of animals you may or may not have considered.

Man Vs. Croc


Image via Max

Alligator wrestling dates back hundreds of years. First used by Native Americans as a survival technique, the tradition eventually translated into a form of entertainment. Today, people can be trained to handle these creatures safely and for fun. Some would even go as far as to call it therapeutic.

Check out this video:

Video courtesy of diagonal

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Man Vs. Monkey


Image via funfluster

Primates are stronger, faster, and more vicious than humans. They also have sharp claws and canine teeth, which could add to their advantage along with their thick skulls, but I’ve always felt that the right human, on the right day, could be one in a fight.

Not all of the time. I’d say one out of every five or six times. Someone like a 350-pound sumo-wrestler could just sit on a poor old chimp weighing less than half his weight and hold it off until it’s tired. At least in theory.

Check out this video:

Video courtesy of Takshay

Man Vs. Kangaroo


Image via reddit

Kangaroo kickboxing started with people noticing its defensive behavior. The kangaroo uses its smaller forelegs (its “arms”) to hold an attacker in place while using the claws on its larger hind legs to kick an opponent. This stance gives the impression that the kangaroo appears to be “boxing” with its attacker.

People in Australia sometimes do this for entertainment purposes, but its never meant to harm the kangaroo, it’s just for fun.

Check out this video:

Video courtesy of funzone

Man Vs. Bear

Man vs Bear Boxing Match5

Image via Westpolar

Bear wrestling started in primitive barbarian clans. It helped pick the strongest and most fit person to lead. People were pit against a bear and the last man standing was deemed the leader. Ancient bear wrestlers often caught bear with their bare hands, tamed, and took care of them, before riding them into combat.

Check out this video:

Video courtesy of highroller.

What animal could you take on? Which ones couldn’t you? Share below.


Featured image via Westpolar


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Man vs. Beast: 4 Animals That Would Lose a Hypothetical Fight [VIDEO]