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Animals Are Learning to Use Wildlife Crossing Structures in Montana [VIDEO]

Wildlife crossing structures are the future of keeping people and animals safe along the roads and highways of the United States and abroad.

The "Peoples Way" construction project in northwest Montana along the Flathead Indian reservation is an ambitious effort to reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions. Included in the project are 41 different crossings that can be used by fish and wildlife along with 18 miles of fencing and numerous animal crossing guards

Motion-sensitive cameras at wildlife crossing structures have recorded more than 53,600 movements by over 30 different species from 2010-2012.

See how many you can count:

The wildlife crossing structures on U.S. Highway 93 North are the beginnings of an extensive plan to create wildlife sensitive highways in the United States. When it was expanded in the early 2000s, US93 North was meant not only to address ecological concerns, but concerns across cultural lines as well.

Being that this area is the home of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, efforts were made in conjunction with all parties to create safer highways for people and animals alike.

As this video shows, animals have a great capacity to learn. Watching them safely use these wildlife crossing structures is a pleasure we can hope to see soon on more and more of our highways in the future.

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Animals Are Learning to Use Wildlife Crossing Structures in Montana [VIDEO]