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What Animals Got the Most National Geographic Covers? [INFOGRAPHIC]

National Geographic/Michael Quinton, Minden Pictures

Take a look at the leaders in National Geographic cover spots amongst the animal kingdom.

Over the last 126 years, around one in every four National Geographic magazines featured an animal on the cover.

Here’s the grand tally, and it’s pretty cool to see it in visual form. Thanks, NatGeo.


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Why so many birds?

“It’s not so much about bird species,” points out Kathy Moran, the magazine’s senior editor for natural history. “They’re usually stand-ins to represent environmental issues.”

Bears and fish, two big North American game animals, were well represented. And it was cool to see a few deer tossed in.

What sort of animals should we expect in the next century? Only National Geographic knows that.

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What Animals Got the Most National Geographic Covers? [INFOGRAPHIC]