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Animal Segment Creates Chaos on “Conan” [VIDEO]

Animal segments have long been a staple of late night talk shows, but one nearly got out of hand on the show "Conan" during a 2011 broadcast.

Things get a little out of control on Conan a few years back. What if you were in the live audience?

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Nigel Marven, a British wildlife TV host, began the segment by presenting the king cobra, one of the largest venomous snakes in the world. The segment begins with light humor, as Marven asks host Conan O'Brien to distract the snake with a doll's head on a stick.

However, O'Brien quickly becomes alarmed as Marven approaches him holding the deadly snake. Soon, Marven appears to struggle with handling the cobra, even allowing it to slither within feet of live audience members. He then approaches O'Brien with the cobra again as the host becomes increasingly irate, before Marven finally contains the cobra in its enclosure, albeit with considerable difficulty.

O'Brien continues to joke through the moment, but chastises Marven at the end of the segment and even stops to catch his breath. O'Brien's show is renowned for its spontaneous and organic moments, but this wild segment may have been a little too natural for him.

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Animal Segment Creates Chaos on “Conan” [VIDEO]