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Angry Resident Purposely Harasses Tournament Anglers in Kentucky


Watch as this irate guy harasses fishermen with his boat. 

Some fisherman simply trying to fish during a tournament on the Ohio River in Louisville ran into an unfortunate situation when they were confronted by an angry resident who was bound and determined to disrupt their fishing.

Fortunately, they caught the whole crazy incident on video. Check it out.

Warning: explicit language is used in the video

Unfortunately, we're hearing more and more about fishermen and hunters being harassed while in the field. In some of these incidents, law-abiding outdoorsmen and women have had the police called on them!

Fortunately, thanks to cameras and the internet, a lot of these crimes are being revealed.

This man is most definitely in clear violation of Kentucky's hunter harassment laws here, as well as creating a dangerous situation spinning his boats in circles so close to other watercraft and marina equipment.

The video's description doesn't give any clues as to if these tournament anglers turned this guy in. But it seems like there's more than enough evidence here that a conservation officer would definitely be interested.

Have you ever encountered a situation like this? What would you do in these angler's shoes?


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Angry Resident Purposely Harasses Tournament Anglers in Kentucky