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Angry Ram Takes Down Drone Then Pilot [VIDEO]

angry ram

A drone pilot gets a little too close to an angry ram and the ram acts accordingly.

The angry ram in this video is certainly one unhappy fellow. Who could blame him? The ram is trying to peacefully graze on a hillside when a drone pilot decides to investigate. The ram doesn’t take kindly to the intrusion and we quickly learn where he got his name.

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One quick headbutt is all it took to send the quadcopter drone crashing to the ground. The drone pilot has no choice but to venture into the realm of the ram to retrieve his device. Unfortunately for him, the angry ram is still in the area. If you thought a drone annoyed the ram, the pilot angered him even more.


The pilot tries to make a quick getaway, but a glance over his shoulder shows that the angry ram wasn’t going to let him leave without feeling a headbutt of his own. I’m pretty sure this drone pilot will think twice before flying so close to the angry ram again.

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Angry Ram Takes Down Drone Then Pilot [VIDEO]