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Angry Ram Headbutts Drone and Its Owner [VIDEO]

This is why you shouldn’t fly a drone into the face of an angry ram.

Aerial drones allow us to observe animal behavior from unique perspectives like the one in this video. Drone technology is fairly new, so we’re just starting to see how animals react when confronted with it. Based on what we’ve see so far, they want nothing to do with it. This video is a prime example.

In this clip, YouTube user Buddhanz1 flies his FPV quadcopter in front of an angry ram somewhere in New Zealand. Clearly annoyed, the ram head butts the drone out of the air. When Buddhanz1 goes to retrieve the drone, the ram gives him the same treatment.

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In the video’s description, Buddhanz1 writes no harm was done to the ram or the drone. He claims he knows the animal too.

“I actually look after this guy, I rescued him after his previous owner was going to kill him for being too aggressive.”

Well, what did he expect was going to happen?


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Angry Ram Headbutts Drone and Its Owner [VIDEO]