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Angry Osprey Tries To Steal Angler's Catch [VIDEO]

An Angry osprey tries to steal a bass from an angler in this video.

Youtube user 1FishGuy uploaded the video a year ago, but it's been making the rounds online lately. We don't know exactly where the video was shot, but the description says it was filmed at a catch and release fishery where he was fishing for bass. By the looks of it, he's someplace warm like Florida.

In the video, the angler gets a bass on his line and starts to reel it in, only to have an angry osprey swoop in to try and take it. The angry bird circles around him a few times and tries to get him to get his catch, but the man prevails.

1FishGuy had this to say about the video, "I wasn't afraid of this animal but boy I tell ya , I was definitely using caution to keep from getting a talon dug into my hand or arm ! And it happened so fast you don't necessarily know how to react."

Ospreys are raptors that also go by the name fish hawk or fish eagle.Their diets consist mainly of fish. They also have really sharp claws, so it's no wonder 1FishGuy didn't want to tango with this bird.

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Angry Osprey Tries To Steal Angler's Catch [VIDEO]