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Angry Moose Charges Skiers on the Half-pipe

Skiers at Colorado's Steamboat Springs resort got an unexpected surprise Dec. 29, and it wasn't fresh snowfall or an avalanche.

Unexpectedly appearing on a half-pipe at the resort, a moose wandered around the terrain park before charging the ski patrol.

It's a story no one would believe if one skier hadn't caught the entire scene on video, likely using his or her smartphone.


The moose is wandering around the terrain park when something must have made it angry and it charges at the ski patroller trying to...what, herd it? I don't know what the patroller was expecting to do with the moose.

And this isn't the first time a Colorado moose made its presence known in the resort town.

Moose have reportedly been spotted licking salt off of parked cars in Steamboat Springs, about four hours northeast of Denver.

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Angry Moose Charges Skiers on the Half-pipe