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Angry Man Takes Care of a Drone Rather Quickly

rather quickly
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If you feel like your privacy is being invaded, you are probably going to do something about it pretty quickly, kind of like this guy.

Drones are amazing pieces of technology. When used in a legal and responsible fashion, they can be extremely useful in both hunting and survival situations. They are also just fun to play with. But when used innappropriately, they can anger people rather quickly, some enough that they take action against the drones.

We have to say that while this man took action rather quickly against this drone by grabbing his gun and shooting it out of the sky, there may well be backstory that, as observers, we just don’t know. Most of us would be very wary of a drone flying low over our property and filming… but to jump to shooting it that quickly? We can almost guarantee he’s seen this one before.

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Angry Man Takes Care of a Drone Rather Quickly