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Angry Drunk Man Confronts Wild Elephant Blocking Traffic

How drunk do you have to be to chase down a giant wild elephant? Well, this drunk.

Haridwar, India has their fair share of elephants running around. So many in fact, they are pretty much just a part of daily life. In this part of India, they are so common that they often cause traffic jams because they wander out onto roadways and refuse to move. One man, who may or may not had too much to drink, decided he had enough of this wild elephant shenanigans.

As you are about to see, several massive Indian elephants are standing near a roadway at night outside the city of Haridwar. One elephant goes out on the road and blocks traffic. Then out of nowhere, a man that many locals said was drunk, got out of his car and let that elephant have a piece of his mind.

You have to see this for yourself.

So, here’s the question: what was that guy drinking, and could we all get a glass? They say alcohol can make you 10-feet tall and bulletproof, but that still doesn’t put you on the same plane as an elephant.

Good thing that elephant ran away!



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Angry Drunk Man Confronts Wild Elephant Blocking Traffic