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Angry Cat Intimidates Big Alligator with a Swat [VIDEO]

Cat swats an alligator

This angry house cat is just not scared at all by this toothy alligator!

So, what happens when your average, ordinary, housecat comes face to face with a large, toothy, aquatic predator? You might be in for a surprise.

Watch what happens when this angry cat swats an alligator right in the face making it back down.

This cat is definitely braver than I am.

From the commentary of the people in the video, and the chicken that looks like it was dumped there purposefully, it appears this video was taken in a zoo or animal park. I am wondering though, why is the cat in the enclosure with an alligator? And how did this confrontation begin?

Maybe the cat’s just angry because he wanted that chicken. Or he just hates alligators. I guess we’ll never know.

But I do want to give kudos to that cat for doing something most humans, including myself, would never dare to attempt!

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Angry Cat Intimidates Big Alligator with a Swat [VIDEO]