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Angola Big Game Fish Tournament Nets 2 Pending World Record Sailfish

The 10th annual Lobito Big Game Tournament held earlier this month in Angola netted two potential world record sailfish.

Angler Marco Couto hooked a 142.6-pound Atlantic sailfish that surpasses the current All Tackle Sailfish World Record of 141 pounds. He has submitted his record application to the International Game and Fish Association, which is in the process of reviewing the catch. Here’s a pic of the pending world record sailfish.

Image via Billfish Report

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Female angler Luisa Picarra may have also set a new world record during the tournament. Picarra caught a 136.14-pound Atlantic sail that may snag the world women’s 20-pound class record.

According to Billfish Report, 99 percent of the fish caught during the tournament were released. The only two fish that were weighed were the two world record submissions.

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Atlantic sailfish are prized trophy catches for sport fishermen. They are fast and powerful fish that make for a thrilling fishing experience when hooked. Their range extends throughout the Atlantic Ocean, and they are common in warm waters like the coasts of south-central Africa. Angola is shaping up to be one of the best places in the world to hook a trophy sail. We look forward to hearing of more behemoth fish caught in these waters.

Ever caught a sailfish before? What was your fishing experience like? Share your story in the comments section. 

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Angola Big Game Fish Tournament Nets 2 Pending World Record Sailfish