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Anglers Save Drowning Kid, Go on to Win Bass Tourney

These anglers not only saved a kid's life while fishing a bass tournament, but they went on to take 1st place.

CBS St. Louis reported that anglers Josh Rakers and Kevin McCallister found themselves in quite the situation while fishing a recent bass tournament on Carlyle Lake in Illinois.

The pair of anglers stumbled across what appeared to be a boy of about 10 years of age lying perfectly still in the water.

The two anglers sprang into action and wasted no time pulling the child on board their boat.

The men told CBS, "When we pulled him on the boat he was pretty well lifeless. He was breathing, but you know he wouldn't respond....wouldn't respond to anything they we were saying."

This caused Josh and Kevin to immediately follow the steps the EMS told them to do by making sure the child's airways were clear.

Later, the young boy was airlifted to a hospital in St. Louis. At the time of the child's transportation to the hospital his condition was not immediately know.

An awesome part of this whole story is that not only did Josh and Kevin save a life that day, but they went on to land a 12-pound bass that ultimately won them the tournament.

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Anglers Save Drowning Kid, Go on to Win Bass Tourney