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Anglers Rescue Stranded Juvenile Great White Shark [VIDEO]

Watch this dramatic release of a great white shark on the beach. Being an angler is pretty neat. 

Recently on the coast of South Africa in Plettenberg Bay, anglers accidentally caught a juvenile great white shark.

Lars Leiberg was enjoying breakfast with his brother when they saw the commotion down on the beach. He began filming the landing of the protected shark and the anglers attempt to free the circle hook from the corner of its mouth.


Once the hook was removed you can hear the bystanders begin to cheer with joy. The anglers then proceeded to struggle to get the shark turned around for a brief moment, until the exhausted shark made the right turn and was sucked out into deeper water from the encroaching shore break.

The anglers accidentally caught the white shark while fishing for sand tiger sharks, also known as "raggies" among the South African angling community.

The white shark is highly protected by the South African Government.

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Anglers Rescue Stranded Juvenile Great White Shark [VIDEO]