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Anglers Rescue Hammerhead Pups from Injured Mother [VIDEO]

A group of Florida fisherman save hammerhead pups from the belly of their wounded mother in this amazing raw footage.

Angler Noe Campus and his friends got an unexpected surprise when they recently pulled a 12-foot hammerhead to shore on a beach in Venice, Florida.

When Campus and his friends flipped over the massive shark, they noticed a large bite mark on its belly. Upon closer inspection, the anglers found several baby hammerheads trying to wiggle themselves free from their wounded mother’s belly.

“We seen the tail, pushing out, ” Andrew Campos, one of the fishermen, told WPTV. “They were trying to push their heads out, so I’m guessing the mom tried to give birth but she didn’t have the strength to push them out.”

One by one, the men pulled an estimated 20 hammerhead pups out of the mother shark’s underside.

“I stood in the water for a couple of seconds to make sure they swam off good,” said Campos. “I held them and as soon as I put them out, voom! They took off.”

The video below was filmed as the fishermen rescued the hammerhead pups from the injured shark.

The mother shark was likely bit by a bull shark while she was on the line. Unfortunately, she did not survive.

As for the pups, who knows whether or not they made it out at sea.

“It depends how close the shark was to giving birth,” shark biologist John Carlson told the Houston Chronicle. “If they were fully developed or close to it, it is completely feasible that they would be able to survive.”

We’re glad that Noe and his fellow fishermen intervened to save the pups. Hopefully, he was able to save a new generation of hammerheads.

Have you ever rescued a fish? Share your story in the comments section. 

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Anglers Rescue Hammerhead Pups from Injured Mother [VIDEO]