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Anglers Rescue Monster Muskie Found Choking on Sheepshead [VIDEO]

Talk about a feel-good fishing tale! These anglers jump in to save a muskie choking on its last meal.

Sometimes, the mighty muskie bites off a bit more than it can chew.

These anglers spotted a 50-inch fish, floundering on the surface, while fishing Lake St. Clair, nestled between Ontario and Michigan.

The muskie is at the top of the freshwater food chain, capable of catching and consuming some incredible-sized fish. However, as you can see from the video, if not for these anglers’ successful rescue, that sheepshead would have choked the life right out of the hungry ‘ski.

Wasn’t it great to watch this mighty muskie swim gracefully away at the end?

A tip of the hat to these compassionate anglers. Job well done, and a feel-good tale for catch and release anglers everywhere.

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Anglers Rescue Monster Muskie Found Choking on Sheepshead [VIDEO]