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Anglers Reel in Prehistoric 12-Foot Sawfish [VIDEO]

Captain Jim Willcox and Tyler Kapela caught the fish of a lifetime and managed to get the whole thing on film.

The crew was out fishing for goliath grouper and sharks while this prehistoric fish took not only one, but both of their baits.

This fish is a catch of a lifetime and a dangerous one at that. Sawfish numbers are extremely low worldwide and a nightmare for commercial fisherman. The teeth of these fish can very easily harm a fisherman when they become entangled in a net.

Sawfish inhabit shallow coastal waters and even can tolerate fresh water, which is why much of their habitat has been lost in the U.S. and numbers are so low.

Closely related to sharks, the smalltooth sawfish reaches lengths up to 25 feet and prey on crustaceans and fish. In this case, the fishermen were able to let the fish go while unharmed themselves.

And you only have to wonder about the fire in the background of this battle.

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Anglers Reel in Prehistoric 12-Foot Sawfish [VIDEO]