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An Angler's Dream: The Flycraft Stealth Fishing Boat [VIDEO]

Portable and maneuverable, but lightweight and tough, the Flycraft Stealth Fishing Boat is a great vessel. 

The Flycraft Stealth fishing boat is an amazing craft for the individual or two-person team. It's shallow and small and can transport you just about anywhere you want to go in any body of water: streams, rivers, still and moving waters, and even the ocean.

Here it is in action.

At about $3000, this gem beats out a big boat on most days and is a perfect complement to the drift boat. It combines every feature anglers need for the ultimate small water stealth boat. The base model includes:

  • 5 Air Chamber bomb proof raft
  • Stitched floor
  • Ultralight aluminum frame
  • Pressure gauge
  • Field repair kit

Now get out there and catch them fish!

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An Angler's Dream: The Flycraft Stealth Fishing Boat [VIDEO]