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Anglers Hit the River for Some Fishing, Discover Dinosaur Fossils [VIDEO]

There have been amazing catches since man has taken up angling, but catching a dinosaur fossil? 

In August, a father and son went fishing in the Castle River in southern Alberta. As they were fishing, they saw a rock with a dark spot on it. Getting closer, they immediately recognized it as a dinosaur fossil.

The pair quickly reported the find to the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in Drumheller. Museum staff had to wait for the river levels to drop. When they did, the fossils were identified as a duck-billed dinosaur that would have roamed Alberta about 80 million years ago.

“We finally got to check it Sept. 23 and the water was still up to our knees,” said Donald Henderson, curator of dinosaurs at the museum. “It was cold and we were poking underneath it to try to find out was underneath, but boy was it cold. We knew the river levels would drop and finally, in the last week of October, it was workable.”

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Evidence of dinosaurs in that area of Alberta hadn’t been discovered until the find.

Henderson said that most likely the floods of 2013 flipped over the rock, making it visible.

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Anglers Hit the River for Some Fishing, Discover Dinosaur Fossils [VIDEO]