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Anglers Catch Two Fish for the Price of One

Georgia Outdoor News

Georgia anglers hauled in two bass after encountering one fish attempting to swallow another.

Keith Hester and Fred Bynum were fishing a pond in Floyd County in northwest Georgia when they noticed a commotion of what they thought was a sick or struggling fish.

What they encountered was a large bass with a smaller one stuck in its mouth, and both of the fish were alive. Hester said he believes the two fish went after the same meal, and the smaller one became part of the larger bass’s main course. It’s also possible the big bass went after the smaller one directly, but his eyes were much larger than his stomach – or his mouth, for that matter. For his part, the larger bass also seems to have regretted biting off more than he could chew.

Both fish were pulled apart and released back into the water, none the worse for wear, short of still being hungry and a bit more embarrassed than before.



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Anglers Catch Two Fish for the Price of One