Pike Stomach
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Anglers Catch Northern Pike With a Stomach Full of Surprises

If what these guys find inside of this pike doesn't scare you, what happens next certainly will.

Pike are nuts, that much we already know. It's just that they have an aggressive hunger that makes them among the most line-shredding, rod-bending foes that any fisherman could ever want to tangle with.

We've heard stories of them attacking people, muskrats and even each other, but this is one for the record books. Once you've taken your catch to the cleaning table, you may do what these guys have done and dig in to see what it is that your big pike has been eating.

While this particular critter is always on the menu for a hungry pike, the state that it's in may just give you the reaction that these guys had:

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It's certainly not the first time that any of us found a big bluegill inside of a pike, but to cut it out and watch it come to life? That has to be a first for most of us.

They obviously hadn't been out of the boat for long when they began to clean their catch. When the video starts, you may find yourself also believing it was a turtle, which would've been a classic, as well. And, of course, there was a big shad in there, too.

Whether you're ice fishing or casting for bass when one of these big boys strikes, it makes every fishermen happy to catch a pick. While tournament bass fishermen may scoff at a pike during the throes of a big tourney, they're just like you and me: they secretly love catching a fish no matter what it is!

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