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How Anglers Become Tripletail Fishermen for Life [VIDEO]

Gulf coast tripletail fishing is as good as it gets and here's why.

Even the uninitiated angler has a chance to boat one of the favorite fish swimming in Gulf waters.

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You don't need much more than this guy has: a quality light-tackle rod and reel set-up, some live shrimp, and a desire to get out on the water on a beautiful day with your friends. This is tripletail fishing, plain and simple


The Atlantic tripletail, commonly referred to as a tripletail, is found mainly in the warmer waters of the southern Atlantic Ocean. From April to October, they are a much sought-after fish along the Gulf coast of the U.S.

Anglers generally use live shrimp or shrimp imitations to target these willing fish. One of the best things about tripletail fishing is the ability to use lighter-than-normal gear.

It's great to see a guy make his first catch and become a tripletail fisherman for life.

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How Anglers Become Tripletail Fishermen for Life [VIDEO]