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Angler Teaching Bait Chuckers How to Fly Fish is Comedy Gold


This spoof video of a fly angler teaching bait chuckers how to fly fish is comedy gold, and an instant classic

Wide Open Spaces has covered fishing stereotypes before, but whether you swing flies or chuck bait, every angler can relate to this video, “Hank and the bait fishers, part 1.”

“Today I’m going to be taking out three bait fishermen out and teaching them the basic philosophies and methodologies of the greatest sport, past-time, and religion in the world… fly fishing,” says the instructor. Alright then!

One of the bait anglers says his wife made him to come to the class and claims he’d rather be “up on the lake, trolling.” Another claims to just be a little “fly-curious.”

The philosophies of catch and release, lack of scents, and the conflict between using a grasshopper and an arts and crafts project that looks like a grass hopper causes great confusion among the bait anglers. Hank, the instructor, goes on a rant about bait angler style that is an obvious play on the pretentiousness of fly anglers and the uniform attributed to the culture.

You can read more of Hank Patterson’s deep thoughts and fly fishing philosophies on For example:

“The only thing better than a hopper is two hoppers with a hopper dropper. That’s three hoppers.”

Also on the website is swag gear, with prints that read things like “CuttyRainBrown Unlimited” and “Menage a Midge.” World renowned Guide, Hank Patterson, will even come to speak at your event!

While the website is filled with video clips, this short film of bait-chuckers attending Hank Patterson’s Fly Fishing Academy is sure to be a viral video comedy classic among all anglers, gear guys and fly guys alike. The best part is, this video is merely “part one,” which leads to the fact that there will hopefully be a sequel to this comedy gold.


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Angler Teaching Bait Chuckers How to Fly Fish is Comedy Gold