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Angler Talks About New North Dakota State Record Cisco [PICS]

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A hard fighting cisco breaks the 15-year old state record.

Fargo, North Dakota angler Jack Fletcher set a new state record last month by catching a 2-pound, 9-ounce cisco. Fletcher pulled the big fish out of Beaver Bay on Lake Oahe on February 28.

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Fletcher revealed that he had been targeting crappie and that he caught the fish in 14 feet of water. He immediately realized that he had something unusual on the line. He told me in an online interview, "The fish fought very hard when I hooked it and I knew it wasn't a crappie. I have caught some 20"-23" walleye on the same rod and the cisco fought just as hard if not harder than them."

Fletcher said that he caught the fish on a red VMC pug bug jig with a white Trigger X Wax Tail.

Jack Fletcher with his North Dakota 2 lb. 9 oz. state record cisco.

The previous state record had stood for 15 years and was held by Scott Borup Jr., whose 2-pound, 8-ounce cisco came out of Lake Sakakawea. Fletcher's fish beat the old record by one ounce.

"I recognized it as a cisco because I have caught a few in Minnesota before," he reported. "I knew it was a large cisco so we looked up the state record found it was two-and-a-half pounds and we knew my fish was close. We then took it in to be officially weighed. The fish is currently in my freezer waiting until I have time to take it to the taxidermist."

I asked Fletcher about preparing cisco for the table. "Typically when I catch ciscos I smoke them but I have also baked a few," he said. "They are a very good eating fish in my opinion."

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Angler Talks About New North Dakota State Record Cisco [PICS]