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Angler Snags Three Bass on One Alabama Rig [VIDEO]

Anyone can catch one bass at a time, but how about three bass on one rig?

Most people boast about their ability to catch bass one after another while out fishing, but how many can boast that they catch numerous bass at one time per cast?

If you can get your hands on an Alabama Rig, you may just be able to join the club and really have something to talk about on your next fishing trip.

This video shows Andy Poss, the inventor of the Alabama Rig, showing off his new rig before it ever became available to the public. As you will see he doesn’t just reel in one decent sized bass, but three on just one cast!

The Alabama Rig has been around for about four years now, and has really exploded in popularity for the reasons you just saw in the video. By allowing you to attach up to five lures, you can effectively create your own bait school to really get the attention of surrounding bass.

It can be so effective at catching bass that it is now illegal to use in any BASS, FLW, PPA, and ABT tournaments. Numerous states have also outlawed the use of the rig, even for personal fishing.

I have never personally used one, but after seeing the results from this video, a trip to the outdoor store is in my future. If it works I can’t wait to be able to brag to my buddies that I caught multiple bass at once!

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Angler Snags Three Bass on One Alabama Rig [VIDEO]