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Angler Saves Small Blue Heron From a Slow Death [VIDEO]

A kind fisherman rescues a small blue heron from a slow and painful death in this clip.

Discarded monofilament fishing line can be a devastating hazard for wildlife. Once tangled, most marine animals have no way to break free and usually suffer a slow death. 

The small blue heron in the video below might have suffered such a fate if not for the efforts of one angler.

YouTube user deermeatfordinner was sitting in his fishing boat when the small blue heron landed on the bow. The bird’s leg was tangled in braided fishing line and rotting from a buried fishing hook. The angler wanted to help the bird, but first had to devise a plan to catch it.

“With no net and no other ideas, I rigged a snare, using a short piece of 30 pound mono. Well, after managing to catch the entangled bird, we realized that both of our Silver Stag knives were back at the house, so we had to borrow one from some nearby boaters and carefully did the best job I could removing the line and hook!”

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Remember to always collect discarded fishing line from the water and dispose of it properly so that wildlife like the little bird in this video can live on.

Featured image via YouTube

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Angler Saves Small Blue Heron From a Slow Death [VIDEO]