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Angler Records While He Catches New South Dakota Smallmouth Record

If you remember the recent South Dakota smallmouth record from just last week, now there’s a video!

Just last week, we broke the story of Lyal Held and his impressive South Dakota smallmouth record tipping the scales at just over seven pounds. As he elluded to in his interview with , there was a video of the whole thing, but it just wasn’t ready to be released. Well, now it is!

Watch this amazing video from the hookset using an Alabama rig all the way to the release back into Horseshoe Lake after being weighed in on certified scales officially weighing in at seven pounds, three ounces.

The coolest part of this entire story, besides the fact that the South Dakota smallmouth record was caught on video, was the fact that is was released. Congrats on being a true steward of the sport of fishing and an exemplary catch and release fisherman.

Don’t think this giant bass was caught by accident either. Held and his buddy had spent years dissecting Horseshoe Lake. What you saw is the culmination of effort, skill, and a relentless desire to break the state record in South Dakota.

Once again, congratulations on an incredible smallmouth! Hopefully it stands for a long time.



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Angler Records While He Catches New South Dakota Smallmouth Record