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Female Angler Pulls Record Cod Fish from Arctic Water

Swedish angler lands a once-in-a-lifetime, record cod fish that gives her bragging rights for life.

Marica Eriksson, who is new to arctic fishing, caught the 84-pound record cod while on a trip with her father to the island of Sørøya, located in forth of Norway.

“It’s very fun to have caught a big fish like that,” Eriksson said in an interview. “I felt it would be a big fish, but I didn’t realize it would be that big until we came into the harbour!”


The fish is an prime example of a Atlantic cod, which can live for 25 years with an average weight of 11 to 26 pound. Eriksson’s cod, at 84 pounds, is so above average that it scaled out as the heaviest cod caught by a woman angler for 46 years.

Photographs of the catch quickly went viral online, gardening the angler unexpected internet fame. “I honestly haven’t thought about it!” she said in response of becoming a record holder. “I haven’t partied much, I just enjoyed the catch …But I am gonna take it to my home and eat it.”



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Female Angler Pulls Record Cod Fish from Arctic Water