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Who Needs a Car When You Can Launch a Boat with a Horse and Buggy?

Facebook/Ron Browning

Just when you thought that boat launching with a truck was a tough task, try it with a horse and buggy.

Remember the first time that you were sitting behind the wheel at the local boat launch thinking about how the heck you were going to get that boat and trailer into the water? What a daunting day that was, right?

Now imagine how this angler felt when they had to do this operation with a horse and buggy.

Now those are some seriously impressive boat launching skills! Tremendous job!

According to Ron Browning who filmed this angler backing up their horse and buggy, they lived nearly 20 miles away and left at 4am just to get to the lake around 8am that morning, that’s dedication.

Regardless of what you choose to launch your boat with, being a diehard angler requires us to stay up to date with things like wind direction, tides and weather conditions to help plan our time on the water each day. When you need to check stay up to date on local conditions, download the Scoutlook Weather app on your mobile device. For those unfamiliar with this great tool, wind direction, temperature and other important fishing conditions are literally a few clicks away with the help of Scoutlook and best of all, it’s free to download!



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Who Needs a Car When You Can Launch a Boat with a Horse and Buggy?