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Angler Claims This New York Tiger Muskie Was How Big? [PICS]

Perhaps this guy should recheck the tape for this tiger muskie. 

Joseph Miles was fishing with his buddy, Mark Deitrich, when Deitrich set hooks into a muskie. After a brief battle, the fish was in the net with measurements quickly taken, followed by a fast release.

However, upon checking the measurements of their fish, and estimating the weight, it appears Deitrich’s fish would have broken the New York tiger muskie record, had it been certified.

This is where things seem to get a little fishy.


The current New York tiger muskie record is 50 inches and just over 35 pounds. Miles and Deitrich say say their fish was 52 inches and 42 pounds. But they released it before getting it certified.

Muskie fisherman are unique anglers. Most don’t care about records or validating their catches, so when you hear of fishermen releasing a possible state record muskie, it’s not that big of deal.

As long as the fish swims off healthy, all is well that ends well. That was the case for the Deitrich fish, too. There’s always a picture anyways.

Speaking of pictures, the common consensus in the muskie world regarding Dietrich’s 52-inch fish….well, lets jut say he should have checked the tape again.

David Figura talked to a fisheries biologist regarding this muskie picture.

“If it’s as big as claimed, than the picture doesn’t do it justice. Nonetheless, it is a big fish,” the biologist said.

A big fish indeed. No one will question that. Perhaps that fish really is 52 inches. Who knows? You probably would have just had to have been there to know for sure.

The problem with the whole thing is that the muskie industry is a wiry bunch. They are known for loving their fish and self-policing their own.

Comments, e-mails, and a social media firestorm have erupted from the muskie picture. Many say the fish was nowhere near 50 inches.

In all likelihood, the muskie was maybe 40 inches on a good day, as they say.

Just for reference, the below picture is a 51-inch, approximately 40-pound muskie my dad caught in Wisconsin several years ago. I measured it myself.

Brad Smith

The next time you catch a muskie and post pictures of it online claiming how big it was, make sure you are ready for the feedback.

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Angler Claims This New York Tiger Muskie Was How Big? [PICS]