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Angler Channels Babe Ruth as He Makes Two Epic Tarpon Calls [VIDEO]

Angler channels Babe Ruth and catches two fantastic tarpon in a row – one of which went around 150 pounds – after calling each cast!

Florida angler Clayton Schick takes his Canadian friend Jay Siemens tarpon fishing down in the Florida Keys. Siemens may be new to tarpon fishing but he’s an experienced angler and knows how to handle big fish.

What Schick didn’t know was that Siemens apparently also has some sort of telepathic, prophetic, or Jedi-like mind force to be able to call his casts and even the weight of the fish that’s about to hit. Either that or the two friends just had a really great day of fishing.

Schick and Siemens are part of the Uncut Angling crew, known for producing action-packed, entertaining, and “real” fishing videos.

It’s be tempting to say that some fancy editing is going on here, given that Siemens so precisely called the two big tarpon he caught. But as they say, sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.

The guys were fishing five-inch jerk shad swimbaits and were, as Schick revealed, on a hot bite in the Florida Keys bridge areas. Timing is everything, folks!

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Angler Channels Babe Ruth as He Makes Two Epic Tarpon Calls [VIDEO]