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Aussie Angler Catches Southern Bluefin Tuna Big Enough to Feed a Town

Sydney angler Karen Wright bagged a massive 300-plus-pound southern bluefin tuna last week.

Wright was one of many offshore anglers that took advantage of a seasonal tuna run off Sydney last week, according to the Daily Telegraph.

"We knew the tuna were running so we took the day off work--they come down in certain currents and then they're gone in one, two, three days." Wright said.

Image via Daily Telegraph

The massive catch weighed more than 316 pounds and was valued around $4,000 on the commercial market. Wright would have taken a pretty penny for the tuna, but it's illegal for recreational anglers to sell their catches in Australia.

So Wright opted to chop up the southern bluefin tuna into chunks and give the pieces to her friends.

According to the Daily Telegraph, a 316 pound tuna is big enough to make 20,000 rolls of sushi. One local fishermen told the paper that Wright's tuna was big enough to supply 360 tuna steaks.

I'm getting hungry just thinking about it, how about you?

Wright's catch was close in size to the International Game Fish Association's all-tackle world record for southern bluefin tuna. That impressive fish weighed 369.4 pounds and was caught by angler Phil Body in 2009 off the coast of Tathra, Australia.

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Aussie Angler Catches Southern Bluefin Tuna Big Enough to Feed a Town