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Angler Catches and Releases Tennessee State Record Muskie [VIDEO]

If you caught the next possible Tennessee state record muskie, would you be able to let it go? 

Muskie fishermen are just wired differently. Catch and release is more than just a common practice when it comes to this elusive fish; it’s biblical.

This hard-core muskie fishing practice has been put on proud display for all the fishing industry to see as Corey Allen caught and released the potential new Tennessee state record muskie, and never gave a second thought to getting it certified, opting instead to watching it swim away.

In this newscast by a local Knoxville, Tennessee station, you can see this amazing story for yourself.

My friends and I have often had conversations about this very particular topic while out casting baits days on end chasing muskies. What would we do if we caught a possible state record?

Seeing Allen release this giant muskie just helps to reinforce what I tell myself I would do as well.



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Angler Catches and Releases Tennessee State Record Muskie [VIDEO]